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How do you know you’re a writer?


New Years Un-Resolution*: let’s disengage from the free-will rhetoric

   Resolutions involve a characteristic I inherently lack: calcitrance. Ok, that’s not a word, I know. But the opposite is: recalcitrance has been lobbed at me by surgeons, no less. I’m…

really violent

Christmas Month: The things we do for our kids

We are seven days into December and I don’t think I’m going to make it, y’all.     We prayed three times this morning during service and NOT once did…

post partum recovery

Postpartum Recovery Tips-the short and sweet list

This is actually a lit of 6 tips, but because I suffer from PTCBD (post traumatic childbirth-disorder) I’m left with confusing symptoms like repeating list numbers. Confession: I’m the procrastination…

On this

Vignette of a Vet

It’s about the men and women who through grit and gumption do things most cannot or would not: dedicate themselves to an intangible ideal despite it’s danger.


Drag Suit

Heck, I was even willing to let my kids pee behind a tree if it came down to it, after all, at least they weren’t playing Dance Revolution on some cereal in my living room.

First Week of Homeschool

  Sunday warned me the week ahead was going to be completely absurd. Relevant facts: It was the first week of school We were homeschooling for the first time Wednesday…

Home-school *

Alternative title: “Put those eyebrows back where they belong, I have not lost my mind.” (I think)  It’s taken me all summer to write this post. And instead of writing it,…

“annoying drunk brother in law” & Monday People

This is a nothing post about nothing, so don’t get your hopes up. Unless you’re Monday People, in which case, have at it. I try not to look at certain things…


Allmothers Letter: On Birth Days & Grit

Have you read Bye Comparison? Because you should. Brooke doesn’t know this but I’ve been fangirling her work pretty hard. She’s an amazing writer and thinker, and she came up with…